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Become your own body goals



I haven’t always been fit. I wasn’t raised in a household that valued exercise or nutrition. My poor lifestyle habits caught up to me in my early 20s and my body started packing on the weight, and that’s when I knew it would be a slippery slope from there if I didn’t make a change. I had tried dozens of fad diets, teas, and pills, you name it, but the the real shift happened when my desire to change outweighed my fear of changing. I lost 40 pounds in 8 months on my own, figuring it out as I went. That same year, I also achieved my dream of becoming a professional dancer. Now I am here to help those who also want to change their body and change their life, but you don’t have to do it alone like I did. I am here to bring my own experiences and knowledge to help make a similar reality come true for you. As a NASM certified trainer, I continue to seek out ways of expanding my knowledge so I can help you bring home the results they have been dreaming of. No matter where you are starting from, you too can become your own body goals!



  • Feeling self-conscious in your body?

  • Looking in the mirror and wishing you saw something different?

  • Feeling sluggish or low energy?

  • Using the gym as a form of punishment for something you ate?

  • Feeling as if nothing is working?

I want to help you overcome these struggles in a way that will lead to sustainable results and a newfound love for you and your body. I specialize in helping people achieve their own fitness goals and learn the skills to maintain those results in a balanced and healthy way. Having worked with clients and experiencing my own fitness transformation, I bring a depth of coaching and also life experience to those who are eager to expand their minds and self-belief to achieve the dream bod WITHOUT cutting out all the foods you love!



If you are local to the Hollywood, CA area and are interested in doing in-person 1:1 training with me, look no further! All of my in-person training is done at a new private gym in the heart of Hollywood called My Homebase, so you won't have to worry about the crowdedness or the intimidation that can come with training in a big, corporate gym. Whether you are totally new to working out or if you already have the knowledge and just need that accountability factor, I will meet you where you are at right now and gear your training program towards your goals! If this sounds ideal for you, click the text below to send me a message and I will reach out to you soon!



Want to train with Katie but don’t live in LA? No problem! This option will include individually tailored workouts according to your goals, with adjustments made as you progress along the way. It will consist of weekly zoom check-in sessions, as well as daily access to me for support through WhatsApp. Nutrition guidance will also be provided to help ensure maximum progress alongside the workouts. 

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